Shandong Yacheng Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xincheng Petroleum Group. It is a comprehensive service platform for petroleum equipment supply chain management and international trade of Xincheng Petroleum Group.Xincheng Petroleum Group was founded in 2003, mainly engaged in oil and gas energy technology services, research, development and manufacturing of petroleum equipment, and is headquartered in Dongying, a coastal city in the Yellow River Delta of China.Shandong Yacheng Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. has experienced technical engineers, after-sales operation and maintenance engineers, and supply chain resource management engineers in oil drilling and drilling equipment.Shandong Yacheng Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. helps customers to provide oil rig solution design, provides customers with high-quality petroleum equipment made in China, and are committed to developing an international drilling equipment solution provider and quality equipment service provider.

Helping Others

It has been Yacheng Petro’s corporate mission for long to help others succeed. Yacheng Petro is committed to building an open platform shared by multiple parties, with which Yacheng can grow together and share fruits with its employees, while develop and cooperate with business partners.

Help others succeed .

Help others succeed by making oil exploration easier.

Help others succeed to allow people to live better.

Help others succeed from every detail.

Help others succeed for our own success.